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Since 1974 SWF has led the world in the research and development of embroidery machinery. Their ground-breaking developments have resulted in embroidery machines that maintain a perfect balance between productivity, quality and value for money.

This is ably demonstrated with the unique, world patented, Dual Function embroidery machines. The only embroidery machine in the world capable of embroidering 2 different items and/or patterns at the same time. With SWF Embroidery Machines available from small footprint single-head’s through to high speed 1,200spm multi-head embroidery machines, there is an SWF model to suit all business models.

As well as revolutionising the embroidery machines speed and technology, SWF has also paid attention to their user’s developing the largest most user-friendly 15” touch screens, faster colour change mechanisms and smoother, cleaner thread paths.

SWF have also developed the world’s only true Quick Change Cap System which allows the user to change over from a standard embroidery frame to a cap embroidery frame in a matter of seconds!

As the sole distributor for SWF Embroidery Machines in the United Kingdom and Ireland, we at Your Embroidery Services Ltd (Y.E.S Ltd) are proud to be associated with the world leaders in embroidery, and stock a wide range of machines together with a full catalogue of spares and service support.

SWF- the right choice, the only choice.

We have financing options available and can also offer trade-in opportunities for your current machine(s).

Contact us today today to discover how SWF Embroidery Machines can help your business grow with even greater profitability. Our networks of technical and sales representatives are ready to assist you.

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