YES / ENS – SWF Embroidery Machine Touch Screen Controller

YES / ENS Embroidery Machine Touch Screen Controller

YES / ENS - SWF Embroidery Machine Touch Screen Controller

The all new SWF Embroidery Machine touch screen controller from ENS allows you to upgrade your old SWF Embroidery Machine with a Touch Screen!

This all new Embroidery Machine touch screen controller is an ideal upgrade path for those SWF embroidery machine users who just love their older SWF – A, B, C & D Series embroidery machines but want more!

With this all new embroidery machine controller from ENS, you can get the benefits of a full colour 15″ touch screen together with the extra added benefits of a USB interface, Key Board, Mouse and multiple communication ports, not forgetting the massive stitch memory with more memory channels (rooms) to replace your old worn out (standard or LCD) operation control box.

ENS Spec 2

Just imagine converting your older control box into the latest Series, with all the bells and whistles!

This new embroidery machine screen is simple to change in a matter of minutes; you still even use all the existing SWF Embroidery Machine settings for operation and run ability.

It also comes with an external floppy drive USB port to for those people who still love to read those floppy disks you’ve had for so long.

How to Change it..

Setting the machine up..

Overall this Product makes your SWF Embroidery machine even more easier to operate and also give you a full colour on-screen embroidery that you can see as the design progresses..

Models Available

SWF – SAOP BOX – SWF  A-Series Tubular Small Head

This is for A Series (1-head T & C-Series) 2, 4, 6 & 8 head (UK & UH Field Areas), 12-head coming May 2018

Works with all (a) series and most early (b) Series SWF embroidery machines. Your current SWF control box MUST have only 3 wires leading to it, NOT 4. These wires are described as: Two (2) flat ribbon cables and One (1) power cable.

This OP Box does not support the ‘upper thread clamp holding system’ which was introduced in the later Series B machines.

SWF – DOP BOX – SWF  D-Series Multi Head Flat, SWF B, C-Series Tubular Small Head

This is for D-Series (12-head or above flat table models) & B & C Series Tubular Small Head Models 2, 4, 6 & 8 heads (UH & UK Field Areas)

SWF – COP BOX – SWF  A, B, C-Series Multi Head Flat Table

This is for flat table (A, B & C-Series) Embroidery Machines over 12 heads

ENS Spec

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