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Machine Spare Parts & Accessories

As well as New SWF Embroidery Machines or Used Embroidery machines we also stock a huge range of accessories, parts and consumables for them such as:

Machine Lubrication Oil/Grease, FuFu Embroidery Threads, Under Threads, Backings & Water soluble Toppings, Embroidery Needles, Felts, Framing Devices, Work Holding Embroidery Frames, Work Holding Clamping / Robot Frames, Steamers & Cleaners, Aerosols, Scissors, Sewing Hooks, Bobbins/Bobbin cases and so much more. 

We are a total one stop shop for all your embroidery needs!

Here at Your Embroidery Services Limited,  As the exclusive SWF Distributor for the United Kingdom & Ireland we stock all SWF embroidery machine parts together with a limited amount of None branded competitor machines spare parts.

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This is just a very small selection of what we stock, please contact us using the form below for further enquiries:

YES / Flexible Framer (FF1)

YES / Flexible Framer (FF1) The FF1 Flexible Framer is ideal for new and experienced embroiderers ensuring accurate and consistent framing. This great desk mounted machine deskills the framing process of garments, Benny Hats, Sleeves and more. With its easy of use, simply and easily make embroidery level on both sides of a garment, frame … Continue reading YES / Flexible Framer (FF1)

Quick Change Cap System

SWF Quick Change Cap System When you are desperate to get embroidery jobs done out the door fast, nothing matters more than efficiency and maintaining the momentum of your work flow! Having to switch between caps / flats / tubular hoops is one of those things that can break the momentum. Since all new SWF … Continue reading Quick Change Cap System