Support for Your Embroidery Machine!
All embroidery machines from Your Embroidery Services are supplied warranted and delivered and if you have purchased a new SWF machine then it also comes with a 5 year warranty and 7 years Stitch Quality Warranty. 

As part of our support service then we all all of our customers direct telephone support between the hours of 8-5 pm Monday to Friday and also a limited out of hours service as and when needed. (ask for details).

Prior to any technical assistance you may require please can we ask that you give us a few simple key facts…

Find Everything We Need to support you!

To get started we need you to give us your machine’s Make / Model and MFG. Number.

See the pictures below to help you identify your machine’s information.
serial number plates

Please register your machine details here and one of our technical support team will get back to you: