K-Series 4 Head Tubular / SWF K-UH1504C-45 (Standard Sewing Field)

SWF K-Series 4 Head

SWF K-Series 4 head Compact Machine

The SWF K-Series 4 Head K-UH1504C-45 is one of the most advanced traditional tubular embroidery on the market with many advanced features.

Incorporating a standard stitching field of 450mm x 400mm also makes it the biggest stitching field on a compact designed machine available.

This SWF Traditional Tubular 4-Head Compact machine is controlled by a 10.4 inch Colour LCD display and can embroider designs on flat or tubular garments, caps, boots, and much more.

Coming standard with advanced features such as SWF Automatic Oiling System,  Directly Driven Trimming System, Oversized Body and Beam for strength and vibration free embroidery, Built in Power Failure Recovery, Laser Design Trace, Embroidery Hoop limits for safety, Optional Quick Change Cap Frames and much, much more makes this SWF embroidery machine one of the most advanced embroidery machines currently available in the world.

It’s available in 9, 12 or 15 colour versions but is supplied in to the United Kingdom & Ireland in this 15-colour version as standard.


This SWF K – Series Model comes Delivered, Installed with full Training together with up to a  5 Year SWF Factory Warranty not forgetting our 7 Year SWF Stitch Quality Guarantee!

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Machine SpeedMax1000 spm (Tubular/Flat)900 spm (QC Caps)
Machine SizesAt Delivery(L x W x H)2,440 mm x 860 mm (Removed Legs 770mm) x 1,610 mm
After Setup (L x W x H)2,440mm x 1,200mm x 1,610mm
Power Usage2 Head : 700 W
4 Head, 6 Head, 8 Head : 1.0 KW kW
Oil Lubrication SystemPump Action Lubrication System
Machine Control SystemColor LCD Screen
Machine MemoryCapacityStandard: 20,000,000 Stitch up to 99 designs
MediaUSB, Series, Ether Net Lan & Option Floppy Disk Drive
Machine Sewing FieldNormal400 x 450 mm / 19.68 x 17.71 inch
Cap360 x 75 mm / 14.17 x 2.95 inch


Feature Description
Expanded Memory SizeUp to 99 designs can be saved to the memory and the capacity includes Twenty Million Stitches.
Mirror Image Conversion and Design DirectionThe design can be turned by 1° between 0° and 359°. Supports mirror image conversion (X-axis conversion).
Enlarging and Reducing DesignEmbroidery design can be increased/decreased by 1% to X or Y axis within the range from 50% to 200%.
General Repetition WorkSame design can be repeated up to 99 times (X, Y axis direction).
Special Repetition WorkAllows repeat work up to 63 times for various designs and can modify the angle and the mirror during the repeat work.
Automatic OffsetTo make frame replacement convenient, frame is automatically moved to the offset position after a completion of work. Offset position can be configured from the “Parameter Setting Mode”
Manual OffsetManual offset function allows users to manually move the frame to a certain position while embroidering. The function allows convenient applique and frame replacement during the embroidery process. Frame can be moved to its original position afterwards with simple key control.
Origin ReturnAllows frame to return to its start point during embroidery.
Float Stitch FunctionNeedle bar can be moved forward or backward in the units of 1, 100, 1000, 10000 needles and colour cord without actual embroidery.
Frame BackwardAllows frame to move to the position where embroidery started from 1 to 10 times when the thread becomes cut or falls off from the frame.
Auto Return to the Embroidery Stop Position After Sudden Power InterruptionIn case of power outage, frame is automatically returned to the position where embroidery stopped. This function greatly reduces the risk of ruining embroidery from unexpected power outage.
Edit Function of the designEdit Function allows users to delete, modify, and/or insert stich data and function code such as jump, end, and trimming.
Individual Head OperationIndividual Head Control allows users to control each head individually and leave other heads in their original location.
Auto Recognition of Other Company’s Design CodeDesign formats from other companies saved in USB memory are automatically recognized and can be applied towards embroidery.
Setting Speed and Current Speed are Displayed at RPM on the ScreenAllows input/output, deletion of design using USB memory stick
Design Trace Facility with LaserThis allows the customer to accurately trace the perimeter of the embroidery pattern with a 5 mm margin, absolute margin or in a box shape.
Embroidery Frame LimitsEach machine is equipped with embroidery hoop selection with frame perimeter limits to make the embroiders roll easier when combined with the hoop center feature.


  • Sequin/Zigzag Optional devices available SQ40i and ZD-10 devices
  • Veneer cutting tool built in (for easy badge cutting out)
  • Multi-language support Removable control box with convenient A/S service

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