Used 8-Head SWF Tubular SWF/E-UH1508C-45 (COMPACT SEWING FIELD)

swf e uh1508c-45 a
* Picture shown is the exact machine 17.12.18, Ref No. 9003

For all those wanting a value packed Used Embroidery Machine, Single-head, Multi-head or even a Used SWF Dual Function – embroidery machine, we are delighted to advise that all used SWF Embroidery Machines go through our reconditioning program and are warranted, delivered & installed and can be packaged with start-up supplies and software.


Sewing Embroidery Field:  450 mm x 400 mm

Needles / Colours:  15

Heads:  8

Tubular frames included:  YES – 3 Sizes of hoops from a choice of 12cm, 15cm, 18 cm & Jacket Backs (16 of each size) and large table for support

Caps Options Available:  YES – Standard Bolt on Caps or Quick Change Caps Options Available..

Drop Table:  YES – Normal Large Table

Memory: LCD Colour Screen has 99 Design Memory channels, USB design input, serial port inputs, and more.


All used SWF Embroidery Machines are completely refurbished to an as NEWER standard as possible with any worn parts being replaced.  This is to bring the machine to a high manufactures specification as it would have been when it was originally manufactured and capable of stitching at its original 1,000spm.

This particular SWF Embroidery machine has either been fitted with SWF’s direct pump-action oil lubrication system or our one point capillary action lubrication oil system and does not require regular oiling like all of its competitors.

It is also fitted with SWF’s upper thread trapper system and our universal directly driven thread wiping system which is unique to the SWF embroidery machine brand.

This Used SWF Embroidery Machine will come Delivered, Installed, Warranted up to 6 months and include full On Site Training.


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